Unique insights for high impact clinical solutions

Real Lives, Real Impact

We believe health and care go hand in hand.
That’s why we are focussed on improving health outcomes through person centered solutions that recognise the lived journey of patients and carers, and make access to clinical innovations simpler.

Along the way, we’ve been working with incredible partners and world leading research organisations to help improve health outcomes, amplifying patient and carer voices and lived experience in the development and commercialisation of clinical innovations.

As a result, KinChip Systems continues to be recognised as an award winning Australian digital health company with a history of successful collaborations.



Our lead platform provides a single portal for patients and carers to store health, care, genomic and wearable information, securely communicate and share information with their care team, access clinic trials, and receive personalised health insights relevant to their specific needs.


KinChip Systems’ research solutions deliver quality Real World Evidence, Post Market Surveillance, Recruitment and Consumer Engagement capabilities for clinical trials and reimbursement approvals.


KinChip Systems generates unique insights from Real World Data to undertake health economic assessment of outcomes and productivity measurements, as well as support for precision population health initiatives.

Who we are working with


Our team are healthcare consumers, practitioners, carers, researchers, parents and grandparents concerned for access and equity in healthcare.  We have deep international expertise in technology, behavioural sciences, strategy, growth, research and consumer centred design.

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