We believe health and care go hand in hand.
That’s why we are focussed on improving health outcomes by making caring simpler for families, for providers, for payers and for governments.

We’re achieving that by integrating the latest in psychological, sociological, biological and technical innovations
to develop personalised decision support, care-coordination and predictive analytics solutions
for families, providers, payers and governments.

Along the way, we’ve been working with awesome partners and world leading research organisations
to ensure the solutions we deliver support improved health outcomes and build in-family capabilities with less resources.

As a result, KinChip Systems has been recognised as an award winning Australian digital health company
with a history of successful collaborations.

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Our lead platform provides a central place for families to store health, care and wellness information and securely share that information with anyone in the care team.  Using that information, we can then provide health insights and connections to care, customised to each family’s specific needs as well as links to peer and community support.  Get in touch to find out more about our pilot and partner opportunities.


KinChip Systems provider portal delivers full care circle visibility to everyone in the care team.  Our consumer centred approach builds patient engagement and compliance, supports collaboration and communication and facilitates better workflow efficiencies and improved outcomes.   Keen to deliver better outcomes? Connect with us now.


KinChip Systems leverages the latest technological innovations to engage consumers and deliver market leading insights and predictive analytics right across the social determinants for population health initiatives.  Contact us now, to discover more:

Who we are working with


Our team are healthcare consumers, practitioners, carers, researchers, parents grandparents and all round passionate human beings concerned for access and equity in healthcare.  We have deep international expertise in technology, behavioural sciences, strategy, growth, research and consumer centred design.

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